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The Beatles?

A Battle of the Kings of the British Invasion

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As “The Beatles”

As “The Stones”


Since the dawn of The British Invasion, the question has raged -

“The Beatles want to hold your hand;

“the Stones want to burn your town.”

                                               - Tom Wolfe

Finally, after fifty years, comes a show that invites the audience to answer that very question.

“Battle for the Ages” pits two great Cincinnati-area tribute bands against one another - The Sweet Beats, as The Beatles, and Tumbling Dice as The Rolling Stones.

We’re all familiar with the classic Battle of the Bands format that has been done for decades.  Done to death, one could argue. But this clash of the two undisputed kings of the British Invasion comes with an exciting twist: both bands are on stage for the entire show - trading song for song, hit for hit - until there is one, unmistakable victor.

And whom will it be?  Well, this is just our opinion, but when the two greatest catalogs in music history duke it out, toe-to-toe, there can only be one winner.

YOU - the audience!

“The Beatles?  

Or the Rolling Stones?”

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